Yep, there are a variety!

Cannabis can be divided into a few broad categories based on the way its effects are experienced. On one side are strains that spark a mind-centric head high; at the opposite end are strains with effects that are characterized as a body high. Then there are strains that fall somewhere in between, coupling mental stimulation with an equal measure of physical relaxation to create a balanced blend.

Many people are primarily interested in cannabis’ corporeal effects, and this may be true for a variety of reasons. For some consumers, chronic pain, arthritis, or another medical condition necessitates bodily relief. Others simply don’t enjoy the feeling of mental intoxication as much as they do the physical relaxation.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to find the right cannabis strain to fit the bill. The following are seven strain recommendations that offer body-focused effects.

Golden Goat


Golden Goat wasn’t bred intentionally, but for those seeking a body-centric high, this genetic cross is a happy accident. This tropical-tasting, high-octane strain washes over the entirety of the body, and though its potency is nothing to sneeze at, the mind tends to stay relatively clear (and return to normal relatively quickly), while the physical high is relished in the meantime.



Naturally, non-intoxicating CBD will leave the mind alone and let the body reap the subtle rewards of Harle-Tsu. Among those are a soothing of pain and swelling, and an earthy, herbal flavor profile, but the best thing about Harle-Tsu’s body high is how it allows you to melt into your couch without locking you there.

Platinum OG


On your way to reaching Platinum OG’s heavy, full-body sedation, you’ll experience a temporary mental buzz, but it’s worth waiting through. The initial high will open into a deep-seated physical sensation, which makes this strain a popular smoke right before bed—you’ll find yourself downright relaxed and drifting off in seconds.

Original Glue

Previously known as Gorilla Glue #4, this strain by any name has always been renowned for a hefty physical impact that practically glues the consumer to whatever they happen to be sitting on at the moment. Be prepared for that before consuming this sticky, pungent herb known as Original Glue.

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