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About this product

Each glass joint contains 0.5g of terpene rich, trichome frosted full-spectrum hemp flower. 

SATIVA – Sun Dancer : Nothing can eclipse your brilliance when you’re energized by this sweet and earthy, sativa-acting CBD strain. Its terpinoline dominant profile will help you tap dance across your to-do list with renewed focus and creativity. AROMA:Camphor, Sweet, Citrus FLAVOR:Fruity, Piney, Earthy TERPENE EFFECT:Energy, Focus, Calm

HYBRID – Zen Cowboy: Got a little hitch in your giddyup? Bring some peace to your pasture and bliss to your barnyard with this piney, hybrid-acting CBD hemp flower. AROMA:Camphor, Sweet FLAVOR:Spicy, Piney TERPENE EFFECT:Comfort, Focus

INDICA – Moonwalker: Gravity is a bummer. Ditch it and take yourself for a spacewalk instead with this smooth and serene, indica-acting CBD flower. There’s nothing to do in space but relax and take in the view. AROMA: Sweet, Fruity FLAVOR: Spicy, Earthy

TERPENE EFFECT: Comfort, Calm Also available in a reusable and recyclable 7 pack pre-filled CBD glass joints and 1 glass mouthpiece with silicone grommet for a total weight of ⅛ oz. flower per pack.

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About this strain

Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica

  1. Myrcene
  2. Pinene
  3. Caryophyllene

The Maple Leaf is a heroic strain of Indica with fat leaves, plump buds, and caked with crystals. Ml’s lineage spans from the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan and has survived through some turbulent times due to the invading former USSR in the 80s. The taste of the herb is sweet, somewhat citrusy, and smells of incense. The effect of this wonderful strain has been known to act as an aphrodisiac and gives off a very relaxing and sensational body buzz. Coupled with a loved one and some good music or a good movie, Maple Leaf Indica can help provide the right mood for romance…or if enjoyed too much, can bring on a deep sleep right in the middle of your plans.

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