Organic CBD Flower With Terpenes



About this product

Our pre-rolls are filled with only the finest, organically and sustainably grown CBD flower, with absolutely no trim or shake.

● Contains 17% CBD and <0.3% THC.

.● Two 0.6g prerolls cured with cannabis-derived terpenes.

● Free of Fillers, Shake and Trim

● Made with organic cannabis

Comes in five varieties: OG Kush, Cookies, Zkittlez, Ancient Lime and Critical Kush

Available in two and ten count

Lab Tested | Organic | Grown in USA

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About this strain

North American Indica

North American Indica

North American refers to any strain that grows natively in this region. These indigenous vareities (also called landraces) can exhibit indica or sativa characteristics depending on the climate and latitude at which it grows. Sativas tend to grow in warmer regions closer to the equator, while the hardier indica varieties are more common beyond 30 degrees latitude.

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