CBD Vape Pen – 500mg (sativa)


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About this product

✅Lab Tested, Pesticide Free 🌱All Natural 🕑Timed Dosing System Our 6 second timed dosing system allows for a consistent dose with every draw. Light on bottom of pen will illuminate indicating a full dose has been completed. Containing 0% THC, our vape pens still provide 250mg of pure full-spectrum CBD.

Available in 5 flavors: Pure, Orange Vanilla, Wild Berry, Tropicana & Banana.

● Consistent flow rate

● No GMOs, chemicals or solvents

● 0% THC Net Weight 500mg

About this strain

Hawaiian Sativa

Hawaiian Sativa

Hawaiian Sativa is a pure sativa strain that heads straight to the head with little to no body effects for some consumers. The head effects might be a little intense for new consumers or those looking for more calming effects. Hawaiian Sativa has also earned the nickname “banana pot,” not because of its tropical heritage, but because it grows long, curved flowers that resemble the fruit. These “banana buds” actually smell and taste more like citrus, but their added length provides plenty of room for sticky resin, making this a potent strain with high THC levels. Since its effects are so active, this strain is popular for daytime consumption and has shown effectiveness as a treatment for glaucoma patients. As a true sativa, Hawaiian Sativa plants grow tall and take a full 12 weeks to flower, but the rewards are plentiful for the patient grower.

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