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Looking for a place to buy weed online ? Cannabiscare store   is the leading online marijuana dispensary that ships across USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We saw a need for fast and discreet shipping on marijuana products across the provinces, so  we work tirelessly to provide our customers with quality cannabis products. Wherever you are, good vibes are just a few clicks away. Kick back, relax, place your order, and Cannabiscare store  will deliver you happiness.

We take pride in providing responsive and attentive customer service. If you’re having an issue with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work to get it resolved as soon as possible.


RelaxationRecreation for all through our cannabis products and deridatives.

Our first concern is to give our clients the most secure, dependable, and safe online dispensary shopping experience they have ever had. We ensure our items are of the best quality. Our staff is devoted to the consistent selection of unique and rare genetics and the overall quality, you would definitely get double your money’s worth.


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Here at Toastedexotics work closely with local and state regulators to ensure that our grow houses are operating safely and ethically. Also,We have an extensive bud tender training program. This enables our staff to identify the product that’s right for you. Also, they help to guide the customers on the dosing and consumption of that product. Buy marijuana online USA . More so, we know that marijuana has the power to improve patient’s health and quality of life. Thank You!

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We believe that you have a busy, active lifestyle and also understand you need weed products from time to time. We’re ICO sponsored and in collaboration with doctors, deliveries, storefronts and deals worldwide, we offer a delivery service – rated #1 in the MARIJUANA industry – to bring weed strains straight to you, discretely by our men on ground. There’s a reason why toastedexotics is one of the top online shop for discretely ordering weed online. If you’re looking to Mail Order weed USA, then look no further. We have a reputation and reliable dispensary delivering high quality grade weed products to our customers.

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Free Shipping
For all orders over $500 your shipping is free. If your product order is lost or stolen we will reship another order to you at no expense. We have highly secure and discreet delivery systems with our numerous partners.
Free Returns

If upon receival of your product you aren’t floored by the quality of  our cannabis products that gives you credibility and the right and also, we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

Best Price Guaranteed
Searching for the best weed prices? Look no further! We give you unmatchable weed prices which will never be undersold our database runs on advanced security including SSL and PCI compliance and an encrypted website/email service for payments.
2 year guarantee

Our customers are entitled to a full refund 30 day guarantee period when unsatisfied with their product and a 2 year gurantee on all accessories bought together with their guides. No questions asked.

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“This batch of GMO should get an award for the grower! You just simply could not make this strain any better than it is right here. The appearance of this bud is insane with gorgeous colours and bud structure and for sure the stickiest, thickest coating of trichomes I’ve ever seen. The smell and taste come through really well and it works as advertised. A rare and luxurious treat this one!”

Joseph Kent

CEO(Anonymity reserved)

“This amazing strain is now the parent of a long line of some of the tastiest weeds available, and now I see why. Yes, this bud has been grown beautifully and it looks and smells just awesome. But what you’ll write home about is the amazing complex flavour and the wonderful strong but relaxing high. I am so pleased to try this and even more pleased that it came as a freebie. Thanks Cannabiscare store .”

Ryan Belign


“Works great, but the taste is kind of repulsive (for the natural one). It’s like drinking the plant, I’m sure some people will find it super disgusting. Otherwise it’s effects are perfect if you can get over this small issue..”

David Sterph

Architect(Anonymity reserved)

Eco solutions that enhance your quality of life

At our Cannabis Online Dispensary, we believe our patients deserve the best – that’s why we
have made it easy for them to buy weed online with FREE GIFTS in every qualifying order. Also consider the option cannabis online is made easy for patients. Take a moment to explore the website so you can buy weed online and discover the endless medicating options we provide for our patients.

We have an excellent selection of top-notch pot products for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes – enjoy! Cannabis Dispensary is an online marijuana collective with one stop pot shop located in Miami – FL, Los Angeles – CA, and  Washington – DC. We have other hot spots around the world. We stand for marijuana legalization, with our proprietary organic growing techniques we make cannabis products free of harsh chemicals and safe for our clients.


Joseph Kent, New York

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“I never envisioned coming across an online shop like cannabiscare store for it’s top products and services which i recommend to all cannabis enthusiasts. For real, i’m still glad I got in touch!”

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